Director Patrick Jones Sr.'s Message to all:   "Get out to Vote on November 3rd at the polls or by mail and let your voice be heard.  That is your RIGHT as an American Citizen.  GOTV!!"

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Every election is determined

by the people who show up. 

So, show up and show out!  VOTE!!" - Larry Bryant

"Cada voto cuenta,

especialmente el tuyo!" - Ines Vargas

"My vote is my voice. 

Let your vote be heard. 

Vote!" - Chris Roell

"Ahora es es el momento de lograr el pais que queremos.  Haga' moslo una realidad. 

Votemos ahora!" - Diana Wingler

Vote 2020

"It's about your Family and Mine, so

Get Out To Vote!" - Laticia Bradford

Votar 2020

"Luchemos por un

mejor futuro!" - Mercedes Rivera

          2020 Voter Guides       

                             State Specific Voting Guides:                           

VA-Mail In Ballot Instructions
MD Mail In Ballot - Espanol
MD - Enviar Por Correo Las Instrucciones De La Boleta
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