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My Dues Dollars At Work


Whether weekly or monthly, your dues money pays for programs and Staff to help represent you at the workplace and make your Local strong.  Unions are non-profit organizations.  All the money we collect is spent to improve working conditions and fight for justice and equality in the workplace, in our communities, and in our country.   

Here are some of the activities your dues pay for:


♦   Negotiation of Contracts — to improve your wages, benefits and  working conditions


♦   Handling of Grievances and Enforcing the Contract —  to enforce our members rights on the job


   Organizing — to help new members join Workers United


   Research — to help us prepare for bargaining and to protect our interest during the life of the contract


   Political Action — to protect and improve the rights of working people


   Educational Programs — to educate our union Officers, Stewards and Members


   Mobilization — of our members and the public to support our goals in bargaining, organizing and legislation


   Programs to provide safe and healthful workplaces


   Industrial development — to develop strategies to preserve our members’ jobs


   International Solidarity — to fight for the rights of workers in other countries so their labor will not be used to lower our living standards

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