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Retiring from your job?  Did you know...


As a current Union member in good standing of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Joint Board, Workers United, you can retire from your job AND stay with your Union?  That's Right!  You can maintain membership in the Union after you retire from your job!


Retiree dues are currently $10.00 per month and can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  As long as your Retiree dues are paid, you are entitled to receive the following benefits from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Joint Board:


  • A Dental Benefit of up to $250 reimbursement of dental expenses every 12 months.

  • A Vision Benefit of up to $120 reimbursement of vision expenses every 24 months.

  • A Death Benefit of $1,000 payable to your beneficiary on file.

  • An Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit of $4,000 payable to your beneficiary through American Income Life Insurance Company.


If you are getting ready to retire or have recently retired from your job, please fill out a Retiree Form and submit to the Regional Office along with your dues payment. 

American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL)     

As a dues-paying member or retiree of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Joint Board of Workers United, you have a no-cost $4,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit.  This AD&D benefit and other items listed below are provided jointly through our Region and American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL), a 100% union company serving working families.

     In October 2022, all members were mailed a letter from Regional Director Patrick Jones Sr. introducing this program.  Included with this letter was a beneficiary designation card.  If you return the card you can also receive a no-cost membership in the recently introduced AIL Plus program, your connection to convenient discounts on dental care, prescriptions, diabetic supplies, vision care supplies, telemedicine, chiropractic care and more.  You can also receive Child Safe Kits for your children and grandchildren at no cost.  These kits help you gather vital data, photos and fingerprints for authorities in the event of an emergency.

     An AIL representative, who is a member of OPEIU Local 277, will call on you to deliver your certificate of coverage, witness your beneficiary designation, register you for the AIL Plus program, and provide your Child Safe Kits.  AIL also has other supplemental insurance programs, presented in the spirit of "Be Union - Buy Union" available strictly on a voluntary basis.   

     If you received the letter, you may return the enclosed beneficiary card via mail in the postage-paid envelope provided or you can directly respond online by visiting and enter access code:  SGQBG. 

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