Manufacturing Members at Star Dress - Amelia, VA

Manufacturing Members at Hollander - Scranton, PA

President Executive Board, Antoinette Brown -

I.L. Creations Food Service

Sharon Ampofo - ALSCO Laundry Member


"At-Will-Employee", that is what you are if you do not have a union.  As an "at-will-employee you are at the mercy of your employer.  Your employer can fire you tomorrow for no logical reason, and there is nothing you can do!  Also, as an "at-will-employee" you are at the mercy of your employer when it comes to your wages.  A Company is not obligated to pay its workers what they deserve, unless there's a union.  As an "at-will-employee" you do not have the right to speak up about your working conditions.  The bottom line is that as an "at-will-employee" you do not have a voice at work.



We, at MARJB Workers United, believe that every worker in North America should have a union.  Unions have proven, throughout history, that they are the driving force to uplift the working class by bargaining for better wages and working conditions.  On average, Union workers make 20% more in wages and benefits than their non-union counterparts.  And, a Union gives you a voice, not just at work but in your community.

Fight for $15 Richmond Rally 

Food Service Member - Rio Grande University


VP Executive Board, Larry Bryant - Towson University Food Service

Committee at St. Mary's University - Food Service

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Distribution Center Members at Marshalls - Bridgewater, VA

Housekeeping Members at The Greenbrier -

White Sulphur Springs, WV

Laundry Members at Up To Date Laundry - Baltimore, MD

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